Welcome to the Galaxy instance that hosts tools/resources developped at the Station Biologique de Roscoff in collaboration with ABiMS. No account needed.

Available tools:

Other tools (NGS, metabolomics)

ABiMS also provides access to NGS and metabolomics tools on Galaxy. More details and account request on ABiMS website.

Wednesday, February the 8th, 9am CEST

Dear users,
The internet connection of the ABiMS platform has been down during the last 6 days, due to a hardware failure in the fiber optics link outside of the campus of the Station biologique de Roscoff. Restoring it to a functional state has required heavy repair works relying on multiple external services. The situation has now gone back to normal.
We apologize for this significant service interruption beyond our control.


Analyses and Bioinformatics for Marine Science

EMBRC-France Institut Fran├žais de Bioinformatique
Station Biologique de Roscoff CNRS     UPMC

For any question or request for tools or account, send an email at support.abims@sb-roscoff.fr

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